All of my sessions are one price, and that’s £170

I don’t charge you for a “sitting” or “shoot” fee.

After the shoot, I'll select and process between 15 and 20 of the very best photos. This usually takes around 10 working days to complete. As soon as I've completed processing them, I'll arrange a viewing with you, so you can come and see them on the big screen 

No matter which session you’re purchasing, they’re all £170. For that, you receive between  15 and 20  photos in Digital Format, handed to you on a DVD (or you can bring a memory stick with you) You also have full rights to print them wherever you like. With that said, if you’d like to discuss having some gorgeous prints or canvasses made, please talk to me and we can price and arrange accordingly.

There’s no limit on the amount of time a session takes. Pregnant ladies and small children dictate and control the flow of a session. Equally, there’s no rush as I don’t put a time limit on things. Perhaps you want to stop for a drink and a biscuit? Babies need feeding when they need feeding! There is no particular “average” on how long a session takes; give yourself time in the schedule and relax.

Gift Vouchers

Giving the gift of precious memories is the best of all. My gift vouchers are available for all sessions. You can either choose to purchase a gift card for the value of a session or you can choose any amount you wish to spend towards sessions. Please contact me to find out more.